Module 5 Create Your Website

The 5th Module of Yvonne Halling's training discusses the importance of a properly constructed website that works.  Your website is your 'front door' and it's your job to get people through that door and to the booking page as easily and effortless as possible.

Your website has probably been built by either yourself, a member of the family or at the other end of the scale, an expensive web developer.

The dangers here are that you have not got the time to maintain the updates needed,  the family member or friend has disappeared with the logins or your web developer is absent without leave and when they do reply hit you're with large bills.

Is it time you took control of your own website?

In this Module, Yvonne will take you step by step through the structure and design of a website that works.  She will be using WordPress as an example, but everything is transferable to your own platform.  Many clients take this opportunity to get themselves a new website at this point, in which case we recommend Steve Driver at for a fast and easy solution.

Module 5 contains

Video 1: The importance of a quality web site

Video 1: How to structure a web site Part 1 - the front end

Video 2: How to structure your web site Part 2 - the back end

pdf1 : Homepage essentials

Video transcripts and the PDF are available for you to download.