Module 3 The Financials

This 3rd module of Yvonne Halling training discusses importance of monitoring your money, the dreaded financials. No need to worry Yvonne will explain about cash flow, Occupancy rates and room costs

Yvonne puts this into a series of easy to understand video's, pdf's and excel spreadsheets


Module 3 contains

Video 1: Yvonne discuss' the financial

Video 2: Financial Reporting

Video 3: Weekly Bookings

Video 4 : Occupancy Rates

Video 5: Income and Expenses

Video 6: Room Calculations

Spreadsheet 1: Cash Flow forecast

Spreadsheet 2: Cash flow

Spreadsheet 3: Income and Expenses

Spreadsheet 4 : Room costs calculations

Spreadsheet 5  : Weekly bookings


Finally a copy of the text of all the video and is available for you to download.